About us

colobo stands for …

… a forward-thinking, ambitious company (developed out of Haas Bau Berlin KG and IDEANDU, both of which have been on the market successfully since 2012)

… creative and practical solutions, modern and individual design – far removed from the mainstream

… satisfied and convinced customers (Our References)

… a dedicated, international and cosmopolitan team in which modern working time models ensure individual flexibility and satisfied employees

… a decisive “NO!” to racism, sexism, homophobia, or any form of discrimination

Managing Directors

Fabio Careddu

Fabio is an upcycling artist, wood expert, and furniture designer.

He discovered his passion for woodwork at an early age in his parents’ renowned carpentry shop in Sardinia. After successfully graduating from the Liceo Artistico art school in 2004, he set up his first company as a carpenter, Careddu Restauri Manutenzioni (CRM), in Sardinia in 2008. CRM specialized in the restoration of old windows, doors, and furniture. To take his passion for creative furniture construction to a new level, Fabio moved to Berlin in 2015 and founded the company IDEANDU. As a carpenter, he impressively combines woodwork with art, architecture, and design. He experiments with unusual materials and shapes, fuses the old with the new, and combines aesthetics with practicality. With this approach, he breathes new life into used kitchens, cupboards, or chairs and inspires his customers: with creative, one of a kind pieces.

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+49 163 938 21 63

Samuel Haas

Samuel is a Master of Carpentry, who completed his master craftsman examination as the best in his year (2017).

He first was immersed in the profession of carpentry at the age of 13 through a summer job. This laid the foundation for his later career choice. After training and graduating in traditional carpentry at Baden-Württemberg, Samuel moved to Berlin in 2008 eager to build beyond just construction sites; to build his own business. At 23 years old he galvanized his entrepreneurial spirit into action, founding his first company in 2012, Haas Bau Berlin KG. Along with his meticulous project management skills, Samuel’s can-do attitude and resourcefulness help transform his client’s bold vision into reality.

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+49 170 77 30 735

Samuel und Fabio

The two co-founders met in 2016 on a construction site in Berlin. After releasing several successful joint projects, the choice was made to merge their companies IDEANDU and Haas Bau Berlin KG. In June 2018, they founded colobo GmbH and expanded their team. With their bundled expertise and experience, they now implement much larger projects. colobo GmbH now operates as a general contractor and is mainly devoted to the expansion of large office and commercial spaces of up to 1,830 m². With colobo’s 500 m² workshop in Berlin-Pankow, which was inaugurated in 2020, the duo is also expanding the company’s furniture construction and upcycling design divisions.


Our international team consists of trained and experienced specialists from various trades such as painters, bricklayers, carpenters, joiners, tilers, and drywallers. With this bundled know-how, colobo implements the best result for its clients.