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We were happy to put the extensive renovation of our museum rooms in the hands of Colobo. Mr. Haas and his team did an excellent job because they perfectly combine different trades and can also deal professionally and creatively with unforeseen circumstances. Their top priority here is the success of a project in time.


Dr. Martin A. Völker, Direktor DISGUSTING FOOD MUSEUM BERLIN2020-12-15T19:55:42+01:00

Florian Kosak, Geschäftsführer Unicorn.Berlin WEM GmbH

„Colobo GmbH is our long-term partner in all construction matters. In Berlin and Potsdam we have successfully expanded around 10 office spaces together. Colobo also produces our office desks for all UNICORN locations throughout Germany. We thank you for the good cooperation and look forward to further“

Florian Kosak, CEO Unicorn.Berlin WEM GmbH

Florian Kosak, Geschäftsführer Unicorn.Berlin WEM GmbH2021-08-18T19:21:20+02:00

Stefan Prins, Komponist & Performer

"It was a wonderful experience to work with Samuel Haas and his team of Colobo. They renovated the floor of my apartment and very skillfully placed Parkett, after prepping and flattening out the floor. Not only is the quality of their work very high, but the prices are also very honest and transparent. I had a tight timeline which they promised to follow, and they did. Samuel communicates very clearly and quickly (his English is excellent!), is absolutely trustworthy and never seems to have a bad day. I recommend him and his team wholeheartedly."

Stefan Prins, Composer & Performer

Stefan Prins, Komponist & Performer2020-12-15T19:53:51+01:00

G. Tarcha & M. Püschner

„We bought a 120m2 apartment in Moabit and hired colobo to renovate it. The project was complex and extensive, but Mr Haas’s team was brilliant, taking our wishes onboard and offering creative ideas and practical solutions to bring them into reality. Our apartment is now truly very beautiful. Thank you!“

G. Tarcha & M. Püschner

G. Tarcha & M. Püschner2020-12-15T19:52:47+01:00

Thomas Staack, Geschäftsführung 030-IT

„The colobo GmbH, former Haas Bau Berlin KG is our long-standing partner for the installation of drywall technology to server rooms for a range of different clients. Colobo’s high standards are illustrated both through the efficiency of the work, loyalty as well as working within budgets. For us, getting the work done with minimal impact, noise and dust is  very important. We would like to use the opportunity to thank Mr. Haas for the collaboration we have enjoyed so far.“

Thomas Staack, Management 030-IT

Thomas Staack, Geschäftsführung 030-IT2020-12-15T19:51:55+01:00

T. Böhme, IT-Projektleiter

„I handed over an entire, fairly complex flat renovation project – from planning to final implementation – to Samuel Haas and his team. Since I couldn’t be there in person, I had to trust and rely upon them getting the job done to the right standard, and on time. I have not regretted this decision once. Excellent arrangements, careful planning and flawless execution made the renovation project an enjoyable process. Samuel and his team are characterized by the fact that they see and resolve potential questions and issues early on. I have already recommended the company colobo to several friends.“

T. Boehme, IT project manager

T. Böhme, IT-Projektleiter2020-12-15T19:50:56+01:00

K. Krause, Lehrerin

„My 46 years old built-in kitchen was doomed, but Samuel Haas and his colleagues breathed life back into it. The new appliances fit perfectly and brilliantly in their new set up . True craftsmanship! Every morning when I come into my kitchen, I am overjoyed.“

K. Krause, teacher

K. Krause, Lehrerin2020-12-15T19:49:56+01:00

J. Lehmann, Kameramann

„I commissioned colobo to build a roof on a family home. Straight away, from the initial planning stage was a demonstration of both imagination and competence. The building work was then carried out quickly and with great care. Because I couldn’t be there on a regular basis in person, agreements were very important, as was flexibility and because of the age of the building, changes in design were sometimes necessary. To these, Samuel Haas’s team reacted rapidly and flexibly. The collaboration with the colobo team was great in every way and I would hire the company again at any time and recommend it to others.“

J. Lehmann, cameraman

J. Lehmann, Kameramann2020-12-15T19:56:18+01:00